HD Perfect Coverup Foundation III

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Practical tips:

If you really like full cover makeup/evening image -don’t be shy and apply with a wet sponge, finger tips or brush- good amount and wait 5-8min and try small amount again to create an image that would last for a long evening of perfect gala or performance event.

I like to apply my eye shadows first and create a perfect eye makeup and then use HD foundation. This way you are never going to need to clean up under your eyes twice. After eye makeup is done, I apply my HD Foundation evenly on my face and continue with HD Loose Powder .

And Ladies don’t forget that you also have a neck….to make an even image please apply HD foundation on your neck as well.

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05 Jan

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

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I always look for long lasting formula in foundation. There are so many of them you can find but only a few can really work in a professional world of makeup artistry or for every day application. In a new HD era it’s so important to find a long wearing, clean-formula where makeup application does not look too thick (like an old school full-cakey cover up) and has a nice skin looking like, flawless finish.

I have a sensitive skin so need to make sure my foundation is hypoallergenic also. Therefore I highly recommend HD Foundation by Inglot with perfect cover up formula. All above plus more you can find and combine in this foundations texture.

French gourmand Jean Antheime Brillat-Savarin called truffles “the diamond of the kitchen” …I love truffles! If it’s good for me to eat I’m sure it’s great to put on my face!

HD Foundation by Inglot is enriched with white truffle extract and has a beautiful, soft sent. Only one pump would be enough for sheer cover up makeup application and HD pigments are very fine – great quality that only little amount of application would work very well.

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30 Dec

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation


INGLOT  HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is available in 8 shades. This hypoallergenic foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discoloration or any other imperfections. The product will ensure natural, flawless finish adjusting to each skin tone and preventing excess shine. Enriched with white truffle extract, it will keep your skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin.

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is carefully packaged into an airless 35 ml bottle that keeps the product safe and will let you use it till the last drop.

All INGLOT’s HD products contain HD pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products may also be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen.

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16 Dec