3D Eye Makeup Application

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We are always looking for the best idea how to apply eye makeup on everyday basis without overdoing it but yet make it look sexy and elegant. This is absolutely my favourite  part of makeup application.

Therefore I would like to introduce you to my 3D eye makeup application idea.

I always start with Eye Shadow Keeper by Inglot. After that, I put a layer of base natural eyeshadow.

3D eye makeup application is all about creating  a new everyday makeup image without feeling obligated to look too made up.

Practical tips:


Eye Shadow Keeper



Eyeshadow: natural base and the middle color crease eyeshadow



Soft Precision Eyeliner #22 or whatever color you could possibly wish for from Inglot eyeliner pencils (they have just perfect texture – not too soft or not too hard).



Set the pencil with the eyeshadow accordingly to a color you have been using.
Very important use good brushes to accomplish it (INGLOT Brush 31T).


I love to use AMC Eyeliner Gel #77 just on the top on the eyeliner lash line. I suggest to use Inglot thin liquid liner brush to apply it (30T).



Finish with INGLOT Eyelash Curler and apply a new INGLOT mascara. – Long For Mascara.


Final step


If you like to add extra evening/dramatic look you can apply beautiful shimmer color in the crease.



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01 Jul