AMC Eyeliner Gel

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One of the beautiful things about INGLOT’s AMC Eyeliner Gels is that they are completely blend-able and customizable to suit whatever style you’re after. Rarely am I picking up a single Eyeliner Gel colour and using it exclusively. More often, it’s about the combining of 2 or more in order to achieve unique combinations which are suited to the individual’s skin tone and the look which we’re trying to achieve. Here are my some of my favourite techniques for maximizing their potential.

eyeliner gel

1. The Pre-mix: The Pre-mix is straightforward, as you’d imagine from the description, this involves combining two or more AMC Eyeliner Gels in order to create your own unique shade. Unless you’re well versed in colour theory or have the time to experiment, I’d recommend using two shades which are roughly within the same colour family. Cool + Cool or Warm + Warm. This will help to ensure that your final colour doesn’t become muddy. Also try combining different texture. If you love the new frosted shades from the Fall In Love collection, but want a little more opacity for a more dramatic look, then try mixing a matte Eyeliner Gel with the frosted one.

2. The Layer: The Layer is another way to achieve a unique colour and end result. I often will work with AMC Eyeliner Gel #77, (a true black), as a base liner to create the desired shape. Once the Eyeliner Gel has dried I’ll layer a more vibrant shade, like #87 (a vibrant bluish-green) in order to add a little colour pop to the look. #89, a seal-like tone will serve the same function as the the black, but provide a softer look. It also works well with a variety of different frosted or matte shades.


3. The Strategic; The Strategic, is a way to really exaggerate the natural dimension of the eye. Similar to The Layer, it starts with using a matte opaque base like #77, #89 or any of your other, favourite AMC shades. Once the colour has almost dried, which should take no more than a few seconds, use a lightly frosted shadow in the same or similar undertone and lightly press the shadow into the liner only in the area of the eye which you’re attempting to maximize. For example, if your goal is to maximize the roundness of the eye shape, then press the shadow into the eyeliner area directly above the pupil. This will emphasize the curve of the shape and draw attention to that area. If the plan is to exaggerate the length of the eye shape and create a cat-like or more almond-shaped eye, then add the frosted shadow to the liner area closer to the the inner corner or the eye.

4. The Underbase; The Underbase technique is a quick and easy way to ensure that you achieve maximum intensity, quickly, in your “smokey eye” applications. Using your 9SS brush, pick up enough AMC Eyeliner Gel in order to cover from the eyelashes to the crease line. Use your 6SS contour brush to blend the edges of the shape softly through the crease of the eye. At this point the Eyeliner Gel should be opaque on the eyelid, but diffused through the eye socket. Working with the side, (not the tip), of your 6SS brush gently press your favourite INGLOT eyeshadow onto the still tacky Eyeliner Gel on the lid only, not through the crease. The lid should have velvety look to it at this point. Next, dry brush your 6SS onto a clean tissue so that most of the product has been removed. Touch the tip of your brush into a translucent powder and then into the eyeshadow which was used on the eyelid. This combination can be blended through the crease and will ensure that there is a beautifully diffused edge to your smokey eye, which is a signature detail of this classic look.

eyeliner gel setIf you find that your Gel Eyeliners are starting to dry out slightly, then add a drop of Duraline into the Eyeliner pot in order to extend the product’s effective usage.

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27 Feb

The HD Effect – What does it mean and why do you need it?

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HD or High Definition has become the new “standard” in makeup products, but even HD technology is quickly becoming outpaced by 4K and 8K UHD (Ultra High Definition). Unless you are working as talent on camera, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to be concerned about UHD technology at this stage, but technological innovations in makeup translate beautifully to everyday wear as well. The light-diffusing properties, in INGLOT’s HD Perfect Coverup Foundation  allow you to achieve a flawlessly radiant finish with every application. The HD Illuminizing powders add a vibrance to the skin, which keeps a healthy and balanced looking shine to the skin and mimics the skin’s natural glow.

With HD foundations and powders in general, I prefer to buff the products into the skin in a circular motion, working my way down the face from forehead to jawline using soft brushes like the 27TG. For more detailed work around the eyes and around the nose, use the 6SS.

HD Foundation and brushes

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27 Jan

How to Stay Photo Ready All Day

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In the decade of the #selfie, your makeup needs to be “camera-ready” at all times.  There are only so many filters that can salvage an overdone application.

Here are a few tips for ensuring that every frame is a flawless one!

1.Like any great painting, the canvas needs to be prepared and primed. Under Makeup Base is ideal for minimizing surface oils and ensuring an ideal blending surface for your favourite INGLOT foundation. *

INGLOT  Eye Shadow Keeper will also extend the wear time of your eyeshadow application…coming soon!


2. Just because the packaging says “HD”, doesn’t guarantee a High Definition-ready application. The proper technique and the right tools will make all of the difference in the end result. I’ll create a separate post for a tools and application ideas. Swatch your HD Perfect Coverup Foundation on several areas of the face to make sure that the colour is an ideal match for your skin tone and transitions seamlessly into your natural skin tone at the jawline.


hd perfect coverup foundation 77



3. Remember that shine can be a beautiful thing in a photograph, it just needs to be controlled. Minimize shine over the eyebrows, under the eyes and around the edges of the nose using 3S Mattifying Powder, applied with a small 6SS brush. The 6SS brush gives you precise control over the powder application and maintain a healthy, balanced look to the skin.


4.Utilize a Freedom System Palette to allow you to do minor maintenance on your look throughout the day. Make sure that you blot down shine first using Oil Blotting Sheets prior to touching up with your 3S Mattifying Powder. 

5.Remember that even with a more dramatic makeup application, your foundation doesn’t need to look “dramatic”. Keep the drama for the eyes the lips, or both, but not the skin. Use as much product as you need to refine details, even out the tone and minimize imperfections. Most people don’t require the same amount of foundation over the entire face. Use your product sparingly and adjust the opacity of your coverage only in areas that are necessary. The lighter the application, the less maintenance it will require over the course of the day.

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18 Dec