Freedom System IV

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Another fantastic idea is to create your own lip palette from Freedom System.

Practical tip:
If you are not a professional makeup artist and you like to have a few nice lip colors in you small makeup kit you can pick palette of four: 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.
This way you are always prepare to any adjustment during a day. Light, morning color to after work, darker and more seductive shade of lipstick – small brush set has a lip brush in it.

For professionals:
I like to create a few palettes for different jobs: HD TV, Print, theatre, life show on Broadway or just bridal makeup. Be creative and feel free with this amazing Freedom System.




freedom system lipstick





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09 Dec

Freedom System Part III

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Freedom System Palettes are refillable and you can change the colors accordingly to the seasons.

Practical tip: I like to use nice soft and warm colors (light peach, soft pink, warm browns) during spring and summer time.

Deeper tones of medium brown (some of can be iridescent) – to dark brown, pink and coral for fall and winter.

These are only samples of many possibilities Freedom system can offer.

Let’s don’t forget that there are beautiful evening and festive colors (purples, green, blues and etc…) available as well – all depends on the mood and occasion.

face chart 1 face chart 2 face chart 3


Freedom System Eye Shadows:

Photo 1 – #21, #449, #451

Photo 2 – #488, #456, #393

Photo 3 – #426, #33, #39

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08 Dec

Freedom System Part I

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As a professional Makeup Artist working with different products over last past twenty years I finally found the best option to feel free with my creativity.

Freedom System by Inglot gives us an amazing variety of colors collection. You can find it so fascinating in composing your own palettes in absolutely open creative way-depending on occasion and what you need to use them for.

Personally I love the fact they can be used for powders, eye shadows, blush and contour powders as well. As you wish you can combine all your ideas and build your own creative world so easily.

All palettes have magnets and you can pack them together into your makeup kit.

More to come…
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04 Dec