3D Eye Makeup Application

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We are always looking for the best idea how to apply eye makeup on everyday basis without overdoing it but yet make it look sexy and elegant. This is absolutely my favourite  part of makeup application.

Therefore I would like to introduce you to my 3D eye makeup application idea.

I always start with Eye Shadow Keeper by Inglot. After that, I put a layer of base natural eyeshadow.

3D eye makeup application is all about creating  a new everyday makeup image without feeling obligated to look too made up.

Practical tips:


Eye Shadow Keeper



Eyeshadow: natural base and the middle color crease eyeshadow



Soft Precision Eyeliner #22 or whatever color you could possibly wish for from Inglot eyeliner pencils (they have just perfect texture – not too soft or not too hard).



Set the pencil with the eyeshadow accordingly to a color you have been using.
Very important use good brushes to accomplish it (INGLOT Brush 31T).


I love to use AMC Eyeliner Gel #77 just on the top on the eyeliner lash line. I suggest to use Inglot thin liquid liner brush to apply it (30T).



Finish with INGLOT Eyelash Curler and apply a new INGLOT mascara. – Long For Mascara.


Final step


If you like to add extra evening/dramatic look you can apply beautiful shimmer color in the crease.



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01 Jul

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation III

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Practical tips:

If you really like full cover makeup/evening image -don’t be shy and apply with a wet sponge, finger tips or brush- good amount and wait 5-8min and try small amount again to create an image that would last for a long evening of perfect gala or performance event.

I like to apply my eye shadows first and create a perfect eye makeup and then use HD foundation. This way you are never going to need to clean up under your eyes twice. After eye makeup is done, I apply my HD Foundation evenly on my face and continue with HD Loose Powder .

And Ladies don’t forget that you also have a neck….to make an even image please apply HD foundation on your neck as well.

hd perfect coverup foundation c


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05 Jan

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation II

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Practical tips:

If you are professional makeup artist – HD Foundation looks great on HD TV. Skin looks very natural but yet has a wonderful, natural skin finish. I like to apply with wet sponge to brake a thickness a bit with H2O. This work well along with a final touch of HD Loose Powder by Inglot or for a better cover up (if skin needs thicker layer) Pressed Powder by Inglot (popular #51 or #57 – perfect for TV bright light in the studio).

If you like to use it for everyday I recommend to use just your finger tips with a drop of H2O. I also like to use it under my eyes with a little bit of Stick Foundation by Inglot [coming soon!]. If you like to use foundation brushes, you can also softly wet the brush with H2O before you blend a drop of foundation and apply it on your face evenly.

As a finish touch – apply some powder if you like matt finish look but skin would look great just as it is also.

HD Foundation IMG_0007

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02 Jan

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

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I always look for long lasting formula in foundation. There are so many of them you can find but only a few can really work in a professional world of makeup artistry or for every day application. In a new HD era it’s so important to find a long wearing, clean-formula where makeup application does not look too thick (like an old school full-cakey cover up) and has a nice skin looking like, flawless finish.

I have a sensitive skin so need to make sure my foundation is hypoallergenic also. Therefore I highly recommend HD Foundation by Inglot with perfect cover up formula. All above plus more you can find and combine in this foundations texture.

French gourmand Jean Antheime Brillat-Savarin called truffles “the diamond of the kitchen” …I love truffles! If it’s good for me to eat I’m sure it’s great to put on my face!

HD Foundation by Inglot is enriched with white truffle extract and has a beautiful, soft sent. Only one pump would be enough for sheer cover up makeup application and HD pigments are very fine – great quality that only little amount of application would work very well.

hd perfect coverup foundation display front poster

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30 Dec

Freedom System IV

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Another fantastic idea is to create your own lip palette from Freedom System.

Practical tip:
If you are not a professional makeup artist and you like to have a few nice lip colors in you small makeup kit you can pick palette of four: 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.
This way you are always prepare to any adjustment during a day. Light, morning color to after work, darker and more seductive shade of lipstick – small brush set has a lip brush in it.

For professionals:
I like to create a few palettes for different jobs: HD TV, Print, theatre, life show on Broadway or just bridal makeup. Be creative and feel free with this amazing Freedom System.




freedom system lipstick





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09 Dec

Freedom System Part III

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Freedom System Palettes are refillable and you can change the colors accordingly to the seasons.

Practical tip: I like to use nice soft and warm colors (light peach, soft pink, warm browns) during spring and summer time.

Deeper tones of medium brown (some of can be iridescent) – to dark brown, pink and coral for fall and winter.

These are only samples of many possibilities Freedom system can offer.

Let’s don’t forget that there are beautiful evening and festive colors (purples, green, blues and etc…) available as well – all depends on the mood and occasion.

face chart 1 face chart 2 face chart 3


Freedom System Eye Shadows:

Photo 1 – #21, #449, #451

Photo 2 – #488, #456, #393

Photo 3 – #426, #33, #39

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08 Dec

Freedom System Part I

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As a professional Makeup Artist working with different products over last past twenty years I finally found the best option to feel free with my creativity.

Freedom System by Inglot gives us an amazing variety of colors collection. You can find it so fascinating in composing your own palettes in absolutely open creative way-depending on occasion and what you need to use them for.

Personally I love the fact they can be used for powders, eye shadows, blush and contour powders as well. As you wish you can combine all your ideas and build your own creative world so easily.

All palettes have magnets and you can pack them together into your makeup kit.

More to come…
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04 Dec