INGLOT: Conquering the World


The fact that INGLOT is rapidly conquering the markets around the globe attracts attention of the academic communities. The case study entitled “INGLOT: Conquering the World”, developed at INSEAD Business School, is a nod to our over 30 – year mastery of beauty creation. The main purpose of the case is to provide the MBA students with the basis for meaningful class discussion. It should be noted that INSEAD is one of the leaders in international business education.

The case study is focused on dynamic development of the brand. INGLOT, so different from other makeup brands, stands out from the crowd not only because of the top-of-the-range products but also unconventional business strategy. The factor which undoubtedly distinguishes INGLOT on the cosmetic market is possessing its own state-of-the-art facilities in the small town of Przemysl.

INGLOT inspires to be creative in such different spheres of life!


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23 Dec