Freedom System Part III

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Freedom System Palettes are refillable and you can change the colors accordingly to the seasons.

Practical tip: I like to use nice soft and warm colors (light peach, soft pink, warm browns) during spring and summer time.

Deeper tones of medium brown (some of can be iridescent) – to dark brown, pink and coral for fall and winter.

These are only samples of many possibilities Freedom system can offer.

Let’s don’t forget that there are beautiful evening and festive colors (purples, green, blues and etc…) available as well – all depends on the mood and occasion.

face chart 1 face chart 2 face chart 3


Freedom System Eye Shadows:

Photo 1 – #21, #449, #451

Photo 2 – #488, #456, #393

Photo 3 – #426, #33, #39

# # #

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