Freedom System Part II

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There are so many options to create your own makeup palettes from Freedom System.

For instance: I like to put two eye shadows – light, base shade and darker shade – medium and combine them with a blush powder.

I can put this palette into my small makeup kit and keep it in my handbag. Blush color can be also used as your eye shadow.

Practical tip: using a small set of brushes by Inglot, Kohl Pencil #1 by Inglot, and your eye shadow/blush palette you can do your makeup anywhere and also correct from the day time to an evening look so easily. All can fit in your small cosmetic kit.




Powder Palette also from Freedom System-another great palette Рone color/light (regular powder), one color dark-contour powder. You can use them also for eyes just like a regular eye shadows.

freedom system palette 2 powder round a

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